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Possible Warning Signs of a Failure:

Plumbing System Making Gurgling Noises
Plumbing or Septic Tank Backups
Odors, Wet Spots, Surfacing Sewage, or Lush Leafy Vegetation by the Drain field
Slow-Draining Fixtures

Why Your Septic System’s Drain Field Is Important:

As water is used in your home, partially treated water otherwise known as “effluent” is displaced into the drain field from your home septic system. The drain field is an underground space which allows the runoff water to accumulate and then dissolve down into the soil for final treatment. The water will then eventually make its way back to the water table.

The logistics of each home’s drain field depends highly on the amount of wastewater flow that each family accumulates and what each home’s outside soil consists of. This is an extremely important matter to any family’s home and to prevent flooding all new drain fields are required to have their own designated replacement area and must be maintained in the event that the existing drain field system needs repairs or needs to be entirely replaced.

The final treatment and disposal of septic tank runoff  is into the soil below your home’s drain field. Once the effluent passes into the soil, it is treated by the soil. The effluent is finally treated by a chemical and other biological processes before it reaches a restrictive layer or groundwater.