When you would like to fix the septic system in your house, you must first learn what might happen when something goes wrong with it. Finding out why it happened, and where it happened can give you a good idea on what needs to be done in order to fix it correctly.

Your system might fail for a number of different reasons such as:

  • If hazardous cleaning products or wastes were flushed down the system. The system is there to break down wastes, and treat them but if there are harmful chemicals in the system then the system will not be able to do its job correctly because of the interference from the chemicals.
  • If you have to drain a pool or hot tub then drain the water away from the drainfield. This is because you can overload the system with the water that will be pushed through. The solids can be stuck in the plumbing causing a back up, and over flow of the septic system.
  • Water purification systems might add excess water to the system causing it to overflow. This agitates the system, and allows it to clog up, over flow, or stop working all together.
  • Eliminate the use for the garbage disposal. You will want to eliminate the grease and oils that are going into your septic. In order to do this, you need to cut back on the food and products that go through the garbage disposal.
  • Sometimes it is just poor construction. You might find that your septic system just was not built correctly. It could be because of the placement, the type of system that was installed, or the quality of the soil that is around it.

Another way to fix your septic system is to sign up to receive the city’s water and sewage that goes throughout. This will cut back on pollutions in the water, and also means you do not have to have a septic system pumped or repaired. Although, you can find the right professionals for the job at an affordable price.

Although there is not much you can do when the septic system over fills, or even when it clogs because you might not have the right tools. You can be aware of these things that might happen though. This allows you to call the professional, and let them know exactly what is going on. This allows you to get a better estimate of the money you might have to pay in order to have the system fixed, and how long the job might take the professionals to complete. This is knowledge worth having when it comes to owning a septic system.

Find out even more information when you call our professionals for more information about the septic help that you can get. This allows you to get the professional you need on the phone, when you need them without having to worry about being charged. Ask the Jacksonville Septic professional what they can do for your system today.