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Jacksonville Septic‘s certified technicians are aware that cleaning a home’s septic tank is essential to maintaining a home’s entire septic system and should be performed about every three to five years. The amoutn of time in between cleanings depends on the average daily usage of your home’s septic system.

Keep in mind that one main factor that can greatly affect how frequently you need your septic system cleaned is whether or not your home has a kitchen garbage disposal. Common food solids that are not broken down by your garbage disposal can often become deeply lodged in your septic system and create costly septic blockage and damage.

Leave The Worrying To Us!

Jacksonville Septic knows that it is essential to clean your home septic system frequently and we pride ourselves on providing our customers with routine maintenance notifications prior to septic cleaning deadline. Septic cleaning is essential. Do NOT put off or delay septic cleaning.

If solid waste settles at the bottom of your septic tank and is not properly broken down by bacteria it can lead to high levels of build up. Such build up can quickly cause irreversible damage to the septic tank, septic leaching system, and field drain causing your pipes to clog and to ultimately be destroyed.

How Can I Save Money On Frequent Septic Cleanings?

You can easily extend the time in between your septic tank cleanings by taking a few precautions. To begin with, always avoid flushing any strong cleaning chemicals into your septic tank that can potentially kill off the entire bacteria population in your system. Never put herbicides or pesticides down the drain. And always remember to never put cooking oils, chlorine, paint, mud or grease into your system as they are very hard to break down and can reap havoc on your tank.

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